Vacation Rental Management of your Property

Select Vacation Rentals specialize in matching guests with the perfect vacation rental from 3 days to 3 months.  We know how to fill your property by applying our successful vacation rental management formula for successful marketing.

Maximizing your bookings is just part of what we do, SVR takes the headaches out of rental property ownership. SVR will manage your rentals and work with local management and housekeeping teams to handle all the day to day issues in a professional and timely manner giving you peace of mind. In fact, our goal is to make it so you only have to cash a check.

Select Vacation Rentals has been serving guests and property owners since 2006 with prompt and professional service. Prior to going full time with SVR, we ran a top 5 internet games website with millions of people visiting every month. We are applying that same knowledge to the marketing of our website and every property on it. We are combining this with a property listing strategy that maximizes exposure to as many listing websites as possible. With a combined marketing budget that no individual could spend and still make money we can find those diamonds in the rough. We admit this is vague, but we don’t want to give out our complete strategy right here. Call us and we will be happy to share with prospective owners.

Our name is what we do. We provide Select Vacation Rentals in a select number of areas. We don’t want to have the most rentals, the most expensive rentals, only budget rentals, only one location or only one type. We are Selective in the owners we take on so that we have a good mix. The mix is always evolving so that we can maximize both the guest options and the owner’s occupancy rate. High occupancy = better up keep = better vacation. Maybe you can be one of those owners, but you won’t know if you don’t contact us.

So if you are interested in increasing the quality and number of rentals please contact us at:

Jeff Connors – 248-719-5744