Reservation Information

Below is a general process and policy for all of the properties that we manage. Some properties may vary so the actual documents may differ and will be provided with your Rental Agreement.

Rental Process:

  1. INQUIRY: You make an inquiry and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible and provide the information that you have requested along with rates and availability. If the property you requested is not available we may offer you other similar options. To book, we will need your full name, address and day/evening/cell phone numbers, dates of arrival and departure and the number in party (adults/children).
  2. AGREEMENT: We will then send you a Rental Agreement so that you can rest easy that everything is accurate and correct. This is integrated into our reservation system so what you see on the agreement is the reservation we have in our system. If it all looks correct, you send that agreement with a 50% deposit in (full amount if less than 30 days before your rental begins) and any cleaning or administration fees. The rental agreement will be attached to an email with step-by-step instructions.
  3. CONFIRMATION/WELCOME LETTER: After we receive your Rental Agreement and deposit you will get a rental confirmation email and welcome letter with over a dozen pages of information to help you with your planning, packing, travel, restaurants, tours and more…
  4. FINAL PAYMENT: About 45 days before you go we will send you a reminder for the remaining payment which is to be paid 30 days before you go.
  5. YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY: We will then arrange any transportation you may require once you arrive at your destination and getting you the keys to your fun in the sun. Again, we will provide a detailed email with everything you need to know for check-in and any local contacts and phone numbers you may need.


Before your trip:

  • Terms: 50% deposit plus any cleaning/admin fee will hold your dates; deposits are considered received when we get them, not when you mail them. Deposits are fully refundable ONLY if we are able to rebook the days you wish to cancel in which case only an administrative fee will be charged.
  • Please send your check for the remainder due and any security deposit to arrive at least 30 days in advance; we will then provide you with information on how to get in, but only after receiving both payments.
  • Your security deposit will be held until after our cleaners/property manager inspect the unit at the end of your stay. You will receive a check or credit back within 15 days but usually much sooner. In over 1,000 rentals we have only had a few problems so don’t sweat it if something small breaks. Just let us know and you will still receive your deposit back.
  • We do our best to provide you with an enjoyable stay. We cannot, however, control Mother Nature. Rent is not refundable for any reason including clouds, rain or even Typhoon. If you have any problems with the property we will do our best to remedy. We can only do so if you contact us, so please keep the contact information we provide you, with you.
  • Most cell phone services do work if you have an international plan. If you purchase a calling card make sure it is an International calling card and includes Mexico.
  • All bedding, linens, and towels are provided for use in the Property. Most properties will have beach towels, so please don’t take bath towels down to the pool or beach.

At arrival:

Please treat our homes like it’s your home


Please no wet bathing suits on the furniture: wet suits with chlorine or salt water on furniture make for that musty smell and we don’t want that for you or the next guest. Many floors are tile so be careful if you do come in wet and head for the showers.

  • Moving In: There is drawer space and closet space in all properties. Some have owner closets or owner items. Please leave them and respect their stuff. Otherwise, we want you to move right in and make yourself at home.
  • AC/Heat: OK, you won’t need heat, but you may want to set the AC to 72-78 degrees. Most of the time, you can enjoy the open doors and ocean breezes. But if you do, please turn off the AC and save some energy. Some of you may be paying for the electric cost after your stay for certain condos. The reason why is that some guests like to try and cool the outside air and that gets real expensive real fast.
  • BYO Soap & Shampoo. These are individual condos and not hotel rooms – so these items aren’t provided. (exception – the Villas in Punta Mita do provide these items)
  • NO SMOKING in the property.

During your stay:

  • The cleaning fee you paid covers “Normal” cleaning at the end of your stay plus normal scheduled cleanings for the property. Normal may be daily or weekly or even monthly, but it will be a part of your rental agreement email. Any excessive cleaning to us (wet furniture, excessive dirt, a weeks worth of dishes, etc.) will be passed on to the guest by way of a deduction from your security deposit. Any missing linens or broken items will also be deducted. You are also responsible for malicious damage to items, so please take care.
  • Again, we are not worried about the small stuff, so just let us know so we can replace it. Accidents happen and we understand that, but we do want to replace items for the next guest. Also if you find yourself needing something, let us know as well and we will look into getting it for the future.
  • If you break a glass on the floor please try your best to clean it up and leave a note for the cleaning person. Lots of bare feet, can never be too careful.
  • Fire Safety: most properties will have a fire extinguisher. If you didn’t locate it before a fire, don’t go looking if one should occur, GET OUT and let someone in the building know ASAP.
  • Please be sure to clean out the refrigerator of your unused / leftover food.
  • Please don’t play “amateur interior decorator” and move the furniture all around. Thanks!
  • Check out: 12:00; Check in: 4pm unless stated otherwise in the rental agreement.
  • Late check out (if available) is available for an additional fee.
  • Early check in may be available; contact us during the last week before your trip. We make every effort to have the property prepared for your arrival; however, it’s possible that the property may not be 100% complete upon your arrival if you arrive early. In the event of a late check in it is not our policy to refund any monies.
  • Many properties have internet in the unit or on site. The welcome letter should have details.
  • Maintenance Problems: Follow the instructions provided with your check in email, or any problems at the property please contact Jeff Connors at 248-719-5744.
  • If there is a problem and you can’t reach us, please check with the front desk.
  • NO SMOKING: Evidence of indoor smoking will result in forfeiture of your entire security deposit.

At departure:

  • Please treat ‘our homes’ like it is your own; please don’t leave any more mess than you would in your own home. Cleaners will come in after you leave, however; we expect a reasonably well kept condo.
  • On your last morning, please don’t make up the beds since our cleaning crew will strip each and clean for next guests
  • Please wash dishes and put them away.
  • Lock all doors including the balcony sliders.
  • Please make sure that all lights & ceiling fans are off.
  • AC: Please set the AC to 80°
  • Please fill out any guest book

When you get home:

  • Please send me an email and let me know how you enjoyed the stay. What you liked; what you would like to see different; suggestions, etc. Remember, if you enjoyed your stay, tell a friend; if you didn’t, tell us so we can right whatever was wrong. We’re constantly striving to improve our service, our properties and our guest’s experience.

THANKS! Jeff & Kathy