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Reinhard Dressler is German but has lived in PV for 25+ years. He is very knowledgeable about the area, marine life and the nature surrounding the beaches and when hiking. We have done 2 trips with Reinhard and they are by far one of the best tours we have taken in Puerto Vallarta. He is such a super nice guy and goes out of his way to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time.

We snorkled, swam, climbed waterfalls, drank from coconuts and more. I would highly recommend spending a day with Reinhard to see PV up close and personal.


Chico’s Paradise
Chico’s Paradise

Guest Comments:

Day trip – with Reinhard

Submitted by Carmen

My boyfriend and I spent a day hiking and touring with Reinhard. Of all of the things we did on our vacation- that day was a highlight. I enjoyed the activity, the scenery as we walked (especially some of the worn out bridges and paths!). He was extremely knowledgeable about the countryside, animals and plant life. As well- he was very attentive and flexible as to what we wanted to do. Fantastic time. Many thanks again Reinhard! We will look for you next time we are in PV.

The Amazing Reinhard

Submitted by Phil

A few years back I went to Puerto Vallarta with a group of friends for our college spring break. Although I would have been happy with a typical college spring break consisting of partying on the beach during the day and enjoying the nightlife, my most memorable moment was the day spent with Reinhard. The snorkeling was amazing and I really enjoyed hiking through remote villages to climb, jump off of waterfalls and see a side of Puerto Vallarta you won’t see by staying on the beach. He also gives you a personal touch to the tour you cannot get from any beach side vendor. He shows you how to climb palm trees and crack fresh coconuts and his constant energy keeps you going throughout the whole day. The sandwiches at the end of the day are delicious and fresh as he picks up the ingredients the morning of the tour.

Next time I travel to Puerto Vallarta, I will absolutely be making a day trip with Reinhard.


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