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A guest recently brought to my attention the walking Taco Tours available in Puerto Vallarta. He has been going to Puerto Vallarta for many years and thought he knew the town and it’s food offerings pretty well. But then he found this tour and he said it really opened his eyes. Now each time they visit PV they go downtown and shop at these taco stands and markets and couldn’t be happier. The food is amazing and pricing is incredibly low (though the tours themselves can be a little pricey but worth ‘every penny’). We understand that the guides make the tours really fun as well.

Love Mexican food!
Love Mexican food!

I for one plan to check this out next time I’m in PV – sounds like a great way to try some really good authentic Mexican food and find the secret markets that the local shop at as well. I for one LOVE good Mexican food and who doesn’t love a great Taco!!

This is the tour our guest suggested: Vallarta Eats

One last thing he mentioned is that the taco stands are used by the locals primarily for breakfast and lunch and some of the best ones close down early afternoon. So it really is best to take the tour in the morning or midday.




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