Statues along the Malecon

The Malecon is the backbone of the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta.  Everyone and anyone that visits walks the Malecon at least once.  This area has transformed in the recent past and during this transformation the boardwalk was widened and the beautiful statues became more of a centerpiece of the beloved boardwalk.  Many many photos are taken along side these statues and you will see Jeff posing with some of them as well. I know many of these have actual ‘names’ but I unfortunately don’t know them.

I am not sure how many in total Statues line the boardwalk but there are quite a few and each are awesome!  You will find these from one end of the Malecon to the other.

This Seahorse is the most famous of Statues in Puerto Vallarta

Can you hear me now?




Be sure to take a day or two to visit these beauties.  This is only a handful of what is actually along the Malecon and is worth a trip to downtown to visit these and pose with each and enjoy the ocean along the way.


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