Marietas Island Snorkling with Pegaso Chartering

The toures we went on was the Marietas Snorkeling trip on the Isis. The Isis is a beautiful old sailboat that can handle up to 35 guests plus 5 crew members. There were only 13 guests the day we went out so there was plenty of room for us to spread out and mingle with others.


The crew was wonderful!! They waited on all of us continuously throughout the day making sure we had plenty to eat and plenty to drink. They were very friendly and informative and knowledgeable of the ship, snorkeling, the nature preserve and its inhabitants. By the end of the day they were in everyone’s photos since they became our friends.

Regarding the food….. The morning began with hot coffee or juices, followed with pastries, and then fresh fruit. Mid morning we were treated with fresh guacamole, salsa, and chips. After snorkeling and before the beach we had another ‘appetizer’ to hold us over before lunch (like we needed to eat more – but we did). And after our time on the beach and back on the ship we were served a very nice lunch – sandwich, rice salad, fresh cut vegetables, and more chips with salsa and guacamole. All very good!

Regarding the drinks……..Like I said above there was hot coffee and juice for breakfast, and then various sodas and water. No alcoholic beverages were served until after snorkeling which was great. Making sure everyone was safe was their number one priority. Once the snorkeling was over then the bar was open and there was beer, margaritas, pina colodas, mai tia and ….. not sure what else but there was a wide variety of mixed drinks and each was hand made each time – no premixed in a bottle – which was awesome – and they were great 🙂

Snorkeling was at the Marietas Islands National Park. The crew made sure everyone had equipment that fit and that we all knew what we were doing. Some snorkeled with the group and the small boat that took us close to the island stayed near the group to make sure everyone was safe. It was a cloudy day but many beautiful fish were seen and enjoyed.


We then went over to a beach at the islands and it was just beautiful. We saw some birds called the Blue Footed Boobie and thier feet were truly a light/mid blue color. Very cool. The water was a bit rough so couldn’t really swim but was good to cool off and wade in the waves.

After lunch we headed back searching for wind so we could sail. On our journey we encoutered some dolphins so we got sidetracked following them for many MANY photos. So beautiful to watch and so glad they took the time to follow them since we were all so excited and happy to watch them jump out of the water as if they knew they were entertaining us. Our trip was in November so no whales yet – but if there was I’m sure they would have found some for us.

We did get a chance to sail and that was fun as well. Overall the entire day was FUN!!

I would suggest doing a boat trip while in Puerto Vallarta since it is a great way to experience the ocean, see islands you can’t see from shore, watch wildlife up close and personal, and just relax and be pampered by a wonderful crew that is there to make sure you have a good time.

We do a ship tour each year in PV and this one was particularly special.

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